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11 Things Business Owners Must Know

Two dates and two times to take advantage of this learning event.

  • Wednesday October 2 at 1:00pm Central
  • Wednesday October 16 at 3:00pm Central

Growing a successful company is not always a simple recipe. The most successful operators have common characteristics in how they use the same simple ingredients to create their individual success. Details below.

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Who Should Attend?

BEST for founders, partners, and owners of businesses with revenue of $1.5 - $92.7 million. 

GREAT for startups on a fast revenue or hiring runway.

GOOD for any executive manager responsible for attaining maximum predicatable business revenue and value.

Why Attend?

Learn the 8 most important drivers of business value, and how to grow them. Gain 3 kinds of value: to operate, to combine strategically, or to sell.

Learn the 3 major components that leaders use to maximum value: people; process; and task (work).

$500 partcipation bonus for early registrations. Complimentary benchmarking against 46,000 other businesses who we've surveyed.

How's It Work?

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60-minute interactive online workshop using video, slides, Q&A, discussion, and polling for each topic.

 Workshop covers two or three topics - depends on how deeply we discuss each.

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Top 8 Value Drivers in More Detail