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Accelerate & Prolong Peak Business Value

Two dates and two times to take advantage of this learning event.

  • Thursday September 5 at 2:00pm Cental
  • Wednesday September 19 at 1:00pm Central

Everything ages and wears out, including organizations. Practices, systems, and policies lose desirable effects, yet they persist as value-parasites. They're the company bad habits that become company-killers. Details below.

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Who Should Attend?

BEST for founders, partners, and owners of businesses with revenue of $1.5 - $92.7 million. 

BEST for leader who use lifetime learning and evolution to mature quickly then forestall aging.

GREAT for any executive manager who is a designated change agent in a mature organization.

Why Attend?

Learn the 10 stages of organizational age in a full lifecycle

Learn to use Systems Thinking, OODA, Lean and other techniques differently at each stage to reach value, to sustain value, or to reclaim value.

$500 partcipation bonus for early registrations. Complimentary benchmarking against 46,000 other businesses who we've surveyed.

How's It Work?

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60-minute interactive online workshop using video, slides, Q&A, discussion, and polling for each topic.

 Workshop covers two or three topics - depends on how deeply we discuss each.

$500 participation bonus is awarded during the first topic. No obligation.

  Company Lifecycle & Aging plus Peak Value in More Detail